About Us

The Swiss International Association of Art (SIAA) a non-profit organisation is based in Monnaz, Switzerland.

We are a worldwide network of over 100 professional international artists.


Maryam Owji-Linder

As a poetic documentary director, Maryam has experience working with Abbas Kiarostami at the French Institute in London.

Maryam has been producing documentaries in order to exchange in international film projects.


Amanda Triossi

Amanda Triossi is acting as our Arts Consultant supporting International Art Club with public agencies, corporate clients, and community groups to place art in public in creating our new arts and cultural experiences in Switzerland.


Finn Thiesen

Prof. Finn Thiesen studied several languages in various universities before eventually taking his MA art degree in Comparative Indo-European linguistics at the University of Copenhagen in 1976.

Finn Thiesen on Wikipedia

Alexandra Zernova. Sasha

Ms Alexandra Zernova was born in Lvov, Educated at school and the University in Byelorussia.
She is an Associate Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies. Interests: reading, art, classical music, opera, travelling and languages.

Donya Hafezi Haghani

Donya’s Painting led her to study art at university, followed by studies in journalism.